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Lake Dillon History

Dillon Reservoir was originally a naturally formed lake that remained unnoticed until the mid-19th century, when gold was discovered in the area. Upon this discovery, the trade post town of Dillon was formed. The town of Dillon was on the bank of the Blue River and was the most populous area in Summit County.[citation needed] In the mid-20th century, ski resorts were becoming popular, outweighing the mines in the economy of the area; the town lost many residents to them. The lake became a target for expansion by the city of Denver, who deemed it necessary to have a water reserve in the high country.

The dam was constructed in 1961, enlarging the small finger lake into the massive reservoir it is today. The original town of Dillon was left to be flooded over and residents were forced to move. Underneath the west side of the lake, the original town is still visible. The original road leading to the old town, seen easily from both the dam road and Swan Mountain Road, is still used as a boat ramp.

Both Dillon and Frisco have marinas on the reservoir.







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